Friday, September 27, 2013

"you post too many pictures of your baby". WHAT?!

Todays blogtember post is to write a letter to your facebook friends.
Things that bother me on facebook:
1. People announcing world news. I don't live under a rock thanks.
2."My boyfriend is the BEST. He bought me flowers." Cool. Plenty of boyfriends do that so why aren't they the best?
3. Telling me your relationship problems. I don't care.
4. Writing a story for your status. I won't even read it.
5. This one is the worst...."While everyone is getting pregnant or married, I'm over here like YOLO!" Really? Grow up. We are all out of college. There's nothing wrong with starting a family at 25. I see something wrong with still acting like a drunk college kid at 25.
6. "OMG stop posting pictures of your children". REALLY? This picture of my child is bothering you that bad that you are going to either post a status about it or delete me. That's pathetic. You wont know what its like until your a parent yourself. But wait your to busy "YOLO'ing" so you may not ever know what its like. I'm not guilty of this. I probably post a picture of ry every other day. But so what if  I post 10 a day. Just keep scrolling...

So tell me, what do you hate seeing on facebook? I personally am not a big fan of facebook. I prefer instagram. I would rather see 1000 pictures then read 1000 status' about peoples problems, which in reality aren't problems.

Venting done.

Oh and by the way, here's a picture of my daughter getting ready for picture day at school. ENJOY!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Makes Me Happy

Todays Blogtember prompt is to go to a coffee shop and write about what makes you happy. Well I don't like coffee or even lattes (yes I am human). So I'm posting from my house....

What makes me the most happy is this little girl. Last night we were just hanging out on the couch together and I shot this video from my phone. :)

Other things that make me happy besides the obvious friends, family, boyfriend, etc are:
1. The fact that Law & Order SVU is back on.
2. Painting. I've already finished one this week and will be starting another one today. Check them out here if you would like to purchase any.
3. Luke Bryan.
4. Food. Specifically fried chicken and oreo ice cream.
5. Real Housewives. I love watching crazy people.

Just a few more days of blogtember. Can't believe it's almost October. Wouldn't be able to tell by the weather down here in SW FL! But I'm not complaining.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Abstract Art For Sale

Sorry for the lack of post lately. I have been busy taking care of a sick baby (again) and working on a few art pieces. We  I am making some progress on the master bedroom. Over the weekend I spray painted our end tables black. And I painted these to go over them.

And today I finished up this piece. I still cant decide if I want to put it over the couch or in the guest room. Leaning more towards the guest room though because it matches the colors in that room better.

I also have some pieces up for sale that I've done. Email me at if you would like to purchase any :)

Both pieces $30 plus shipping. Would look great in a play room or colorful kids bedroom.

$50 plus shipping. I also have a smaller version for $25. This piece would look great over a guest bed or over an office desk. I currently have it in my guest bedroom with teal accents. 

I will take offers also.

I'm also starting to do custom paintings so if you are interested, visit my "shop" page by clicking on the tab on my blog. I have every size and color you could think of! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Rylee's Life Lately+Discipline?

Life Lately

I've decided to post about what Ry has been up to since yesterday she turned 15 months. (Side note : Her birthday is June 22nd. Richie's baseball number and all of his family members baseball numbers were all 22. Cray?)

Anyways, Ry is finally getting over her sickness. For now. Its about that time of the year for flu season so I'm sure she will be sick again shortly. Which sucks for me because I cant get sick up to 6 weeks before my surgery or they will postpone it again.

I said to Richie the other night, "We have a child. She's not a baby anymore". Got a little emotional, not gonna lie. He just looked at me like I had 5 heads. She communicates almost all of her needs and just acts like shes a kid. Its so crazy. I can usually tell when she is looking for something and I'll say "Ry its over there by your kitchen" and she will say "OHHH" and go get it. She also does this new hilarious thing where she holds my phone up to her ear, says "hello" but also waves. I wish I could capture it on video but this girl will run when you try to take a pic or video of her. Wonder where she gets that from? (ME). She LOVES to dance, which I couldn't be happier about since I started dancing when I was 3. The second you turn on music, she drops everything, puts her hands in the air and bounces her butt up and down. But if its a slow song then she just sways back and forth.

Only downfall right now is that she refuses to listen to me. She will pull my hair and pinch me and I'll get onto her and she will laugh at me and do it again. How do you discipline your 1 year old? I don't believe in spanking. I believe spanking is a negative reinforcement. Why am I going to punish her for hitting, by hitting her? Doesn't make sense to me. Right now we just say "NO", tell her why she cant do it, and sometimes put her in timeout. which she just gets up and comes to sit in my lap and then I feel bad.

Would love to hear from ya'll and how you punish.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

One of the sweetest blogger I know

So this morning started out a little rough. Ry was up all night and when I don't sleep, it makes me feel worse then I already do. BUT then I received a package at my door. Shane from Whispering Sweet Nothings sent me a care package. She read about my story, which you can read here and thought it would brighten my day, which it certainly did. She is seriously so sweet, you should go follow her blog and stop by to say hi :)

Thanks Shane! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

New Home Decor!

Today I'm knocking out 2 post in 1.... 5 on Friday and Blogtember. Is that allowed in the blogging world? LOL. whatevs.

The topic today is comfort. For me, my home is my comfort. I love spending time here and I kind of think of it as my "safe haven". I've recently been sprucing up my house so when I'm stuck in here after surgery, it will be super nice and cozy. I've scored some awesome deals this week. Here are just 5 of them :)

I love throw pillows. I bought these at World Market for my living room. 

And these are from Target, Homegoods, and World Market for the master bedroom (hopefully that will be done next week).

DIY art for the master bedroom. No thought process went into this, but I kind of like how it turned out :)

New place mats from Target. $2 each!

New shower curtain for master bathroom from Homegoods

This isn't really home decor, but I display it like it is. Brickyard Buffalo had a pack of 10 for $4. Score. I love these hair ties. 

I also bought a starburst mirror and side table lamps for the master bedroom. We still have to spray paint the side tables, get a bed skirt, and a headboard. Its slowly coming together but hopefully next week I will have enough done to show ya'll. I'm also trying to figure out what to put on the empty wall above my couch. Whats above your couch? I would love to hear suggestions!

Have a great weekend :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Where I've been

I've been M.I.A for the past few days. Richie's grandpa passed away so we took the 5 hour drive north to be with his family and attend his funeral. (Tips for traveling with a toddler? DONT.)

So I'm picking up where I left off with Blogtember.


Random pictures from the past few days.

Rylee officially wont let her blankie go. She even eats with it now.

Mint color painted piggies. Mama & Mini :)

Richie's mom gave us this table. I'm using it as an entry table and took everything that was on the shelves above the couch and put it all on the table. So now I have nothing over the couch, any ideas?

Friday, September 13, 2013


Todays Blogtember is to post a self portrait. I HATE self portraits. I feel like I take awful pictures. So here is a side by side of me when I was Rylee's age and Rylee. Pretty crazy huh?! :)

Also, would anyone be interested in swapping buttons?
If so, please email me :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Coastal Design Board

For this design, I wanted something calming but with a coastal feel. I didn't really want red and blue achors everywhere like a nautical theme. You can really do any neutral paint color with this design, which is great if your living in a rental like me. Whats also nice about this space is that its neutral enough so if you want to change it up, you wont have to change the furniture. Enjoy :)

House Tour

Today I'm taking a break from blogtember and giving you a house tour. We have been in our rental for 4 months now so there's still tweaking to be done. We cant paint so we have to make it work with the weird yellowish/tan color. We also have a guest room/office that isn't shown. We are getting ready for a garage sale and that room is now our organizing station. Our Master bedroom is almost finished so I will post pictures of the room this weekend. If you would like to know any sources, please feel free to ask :) 
PS: Sorry for the poor photo quality. 

 What attracted us to this house were the beams.
(Manliest couch ever but most comfortable couch ever also!)

The yard was the other feature that attracted us to this house too. So peaceful.

Over the couch.

Ry's play area. We desperately need a playroom when we build a house.

Probably my favorite piece in the house.



Gallery wall at front entrance.

Dining room.

Ry's height board.

Ry's bathroom.

Ry's room.

Stuffed animal basket. (Obsession)

Our bathroom.

Everything has a place and basket in this house.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Latest Etsy Purchases

Favorite online shops

I've been going Etsy crazy lately. I think I purchased from 5 different shops in one week! 
Here are my two favorite shops that I've recently purchased from and I'm very happy with the products.

This is where I purchased Rylee's tassel garland from in her new room. Carmen makes the cutest tassel garlands. I know, I know most people can make these on their own, but not like she can! Plus I don't have time or patience to make my own. You can chose your own colors and they arrive quickly too :) Everyone that has seen them has complimented me on how cute they are. 

Holy Moly. Girl moms out there, must visit this shop. She has THE CUTEST accessories. I purchased these bracelets. They come 4 for $10 and you can get child or/and adult sizes so I got 2 for Ry and 2 for me. And you can pick your own colors :)

She also makes headbands, clips, and crowns. I will definitely be purchasing more from her shop and she works with you on shipping :)