Monday, October 28, 2013

Old Navy is almost up there with Target

I usually buy most of my clothing from Target, but I've recently started to notice really cute things at Old Navy for a cheaper price. I'm all about comfort and plain jane looks. I do my make up about twice a year and my hair maybe five times. Lucky for me I have a boyfriend that likes this look. So I've rounded up my top favorite finds for comfort from Old Navy that I desperately want need.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Surgery Postponed..again

So right now I should be in St.Pete getting ready for the big day tomorrow but this morning I received a call saying that it was postponed again. A baby came in today needing emergency surgery and my surgeon is going out of town Tuesday so it's looking like it may be end of November now. This is getting so redic. But I guess that's what I get for choosing a top dog surgeon right. Anyways hope everyone is having a great weekend. At least now I can see Ry dressed up on Halloween. She is going to be a lady bug. I can't believe October is almost over!

Friday, October 25, 2013

5 Great Finds For 5 On Friday

1. This Etsy Shop. I just ordered two prints for Rylee's room. :)

2. This Teepee. I think this is going to be Ry's big Christmas gift. I like to do one big thing and then a lot of little things. Or my mom just might get it for her :)

3. If you haven't heard for all of those decor lovers out there, Domino is back! Although word on the street is that most of the photos found in Domino, have already been seen on Pinterest. So I have yet to buy this $12 magazine. But I am DYING to still get my hands on this book if someone would be so kind to get it for me and bring it to me while I'm recovering! Thanks :)

4. Comfy clothes from Old Navy. There's so many great new yoga pants and sweaters. Again, great for recovery. And Target has a pretty good selection too. And so does Victoria Secret...but who can afford that?

5. This bedding. Is it too early for Ry to sleep with a comforter? If not, I'm getting this. I'm obsessed. And it would be perfect in her room.

Wanna join in on the 5?

Monday, October 21, 2013

House Updated!..Finally.

Ta-da! Here it is. Almost done. I will forever tweak and play musical pictures to our home but this is the current state and the state it will probably stay in for awhile. My style is very eclectic. I love to mix old with new, bright and girly with rustic natural elements. If I find something I love, I make it work somehow. I love the challenge of bringing everything together that doesn't necessarily match, and making it flow.

Since this is a rental, there was only so much I could do. Ideally I would have white/gray walls instead of this awful yellow/tan color, dark wood floors through out the home, and new counter tops. It really cramps my style.

Get ready for picture overload.
p.s. My house is usually covered in toys. I quickly kicked them to the side for the pics :)
p.s.s: Sorry for the horrible lighting. I was using my phone.

Hope you like!

Rylee's/Guest Bathroom

Living/Dining Area

(over the couch is stumping me. can't figure out what I want to do with it yet.)


(yes I'm that mom)

Guest Room/ My Office

 Our Bathroom

Master Bedroom

(Horrible lighting. Smallest window ever for a master. And we still need a headboard, new end tables, and a dresser.)

Rylee's Room

(We literally just finished rearranging her room and removing some furniture. Now that she is getting older she enjoys playing in her room more and we needed to make room for the endless amounts of toys. There's still a lot to be done. My plans are to add a small circle mirror over the crib. And hang some Sophie & Lilly artwork. I also want to add pom pom trim to her curtains (sew or hot glue?) and also get some new storage baskets. 

Successful Weekend

This is what our weekend consisted of:

A lot of goofing off.


Completing my home office.

Getting a new dresser for Ry. This was actually my moms best friends daughter that passed away. She wanted Ry to have her furniture set. For now she is just using the dresser til she gets older but there is also a queen size bed, night stand, and vanity. Super cute and so sentimental. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Surgery Postponed.

Surgery is postponed. Since I'm having the Ross Procedure done, 2 surgeons are needed and only 1 was able to be there for Tuesday. So now they are looking at October 28th for a date. Which is only 6 days later but I just wanna get this over with!!!

Anyways I'll be working on the house more this weekend looks like :)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rylee's 16 month update

Rylee will turn 16 months on the 22nd. Which is when I will be in surgery so I decided to go ahead and do it a little early. I really feel like she is older then 16 months anyways.

Measurements: Not sure about weight & height until her appointment. She wears 12-18 months clothes, size 4 shoes, and size 4 diapers.

Eating: Still eating everything and anything in sight. Her favorites are waffles, berries, ham, and of course cookies and froyo. She is also out of her highchair. Thank goodness. I got tired of cleaning that damn tray 100 times a day. She is also still on her bottle. Her bottle is her one "security" thing and with everything about to go on next week, I'm not even going to try to get her off of it til I recover.

Sleep: This is hit or miss since shes been sick (still). She goes down between 7-8 pm and usually wakes up for the day around 7 am. Some nights she sleeps straight through the night, sometimes she wakes up once, and sometimes she wakes up every hour. It really just depends on how shes feeling. But she is really easy to get down (knock on wood). When shes tired she grabs her blankie and bottle and stands by her crib.

Likes: She loves Bucky (my dog). Every morning she wakes up and goes straight to his kennel to let him out. She loves to walk him around the house on his leash. They are so cute together. Still loves dancing. Her movements are getting more defined (such as her signature "shoulder move"). She loves when I brush her hair with my huge barrel brush. Absolutely LOVES taking a bath with me in our garden tub. She freaks when we have to get out. Loves to check the mail and carry it in the house for me.

Dislikes: When Bucky steals her food. She gets really mad and puts him in his kennel and slams the cage door. Wonder where she gets her temper from? Having to come inside from playing outside. Hates not getting her way. But what toddler doesn't? Her signature pout is to first start with "the lip" then she sits down, puts her face on the floor and cries. And then I give in....

Milestones: Saying "thank you" (pronounced "tank ew"). Coloring on her notepad with a pen (sometimes left hand and sometimes right hand). Can climb on everything and get down from most things. Listens better to commands. Can get across what she wants/needs most of the time. Can put her crocs on by herself.

Bad Mommy Moments: Saying "shit" and she repeated it ("sit"). Told her she was about to go to timeout so she goes to get the chair, drags it to the wall, and tries to climb up like it was a game. There goes that timeout spot.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have

Today I'm linking up with Natasha from Schue Love to talk about my 8 things that every happy woman should have. Each woman has a different answer for each category. To see other woman's answers you can click here and here.

1. A go-to drink.
Well I don't drink alcohol. So when I want to get a little crazy, I order a shirley temple. I could use one right now. Yum.

2. A go-to karaoke song.
I've only sung karaoke twice and both times it was songs from "Grease". I know I'm so cool.

3. A uniform.
Most days I'm wearing a t shirt, running shorts, and flip flops. When I go out I wear a tank top, jean shorts, and flip flops. I'm all about comfort and I HATE the style these days. High waisted jean shorts with a cut off shirt? WTF?

4. A hair stylist.
I still have yet to find one that I love. But lucky for me I usually just throw my hair up in a pony tail so I don't really need to get it done often.

5. An exercise routine.
For the past few months, I haven't exercised because of my surgery. Once I recover my routine will most likely be walking, yoga, and maybe a little weight training. 

6. A hobby.
I have lots of these. It keeps my mind busy. I love line dancing, painting, scrap booking, and most of all decorating. 

7. A best friend. 
Richie always makes fun of me because he says I have no friends. He considers everyone he meets a best friend. I have one best friend that I know would drop anything for me. And that one best friend is better then 100 acquaintances. "You should be able to count the amount of best friends on one hand or less." So true.

8. A healthy sense of self.
I'm not a very confident person when it comes to how I look..but what girl is. I'm extremely confident when it comes to being a mother. I really do feel like I'm the best mother to Rylee. I also feel like I am a great daughter and friend. But when it comes to the relationship with Richie department, I feel like I'm lacking. I'm always questioning our love and relationship and always feel like I'm not good enough for him and that he wants someone else (we have history here for those that don't know our full story). Something I need to work on I guess if we ever plan on getting married huh. 

So what's your 8? Post and link them up with me!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday night we hung around the house watching re runs of Modern Family. Like always. Ry took a bath with me and I captured the CUTEST photo. I really want to have this blown up onto a canvas. 

Saturday we went to a community garage sale. Richie scored golf clubs that he's been dying to get for $150 and they retail at $1000. I scored...nothing. Rylee also learned how to drive. 

Sunday Richie played in a golf tournament that lasted 456535 hours but he won some money! Ry and I stayed home and did A LOT of "diy-ing" and redecorating. Here are some sneak peaks but full house tour should be up by the end of the week.

The rest of the week will be spent getting everything ready for the big day. We leave Monday morning and we have lots to do before then.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Surgery Update-Not So Great News

For those that have been following my story, you know that I need an aortic valve replacement. WELL. My aorta is too small to fit an artificial aortic valve. The one time in my life I'm hating being small right now. So my surgeon called to tell me he will be having to perform something called the Ross Procedure. In non medical terms; my pulmonary valve will be removed and replace my aortic valve and they will hand make me a pulmonary valve. So now I'm basically having a double valve replacement. With that comes higher risk (its a very complicated surgery), longer hospital stay, and harder recovery. Just awesome. Naturally I had to ask "have any of your patients died from this procedure?" His response was "all the time". What? Are you freekin kidding me. Why did I ask that?! He assured me that I should be fine and there's only a 5% chance of death. I would feel better with a 0% chance but I guess it could be worse.

Less then 2 weeks.

Hurry up.

At least my surgery is on the 22nd. Which is when Richie and I got together and is also Ry's birth date. So hopefully it's a lucky number!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Guest Room/Office Reveal

Our guest room also serves as the office and it definitely needed some TLC. I didn't really have a "theme" or a "look" that I was going for. I just took things that I already had around the house and put it all together. It ended up turning into a country (Richie's style) /beachy (my style) room but I actually love how it turned out. I was pleasantly surprised that what I already had worked in this room and I didn't have to buy much at all.