My Heart

I was born with a heart defect called aortic stenosis. It's basically a narrowing of the aortic valve so my heart doesn't pump the way it should. Before I was 6 months old i had 2 open heart surgeries. I had repair work done on my aorta and my aortic valve.

 My life growing up was very different then most all of the other kids. I was active, but had to take more rest. I was always worried about people seeing all of my scars (and still am to this day). I had to take medication daily and see a cardiologist every 6 months for testing to make sure the repair work they did when I was born, was still holding up. When I was a baby, my doctors told my mom that I would not be able to have kids and that I would need a valve replacement when I was 18 years old. 18 came around and I was in such great health for staying active and eating healthy that the replacement was held off and they said i probably wouldn't need a replacement til about age 35-40! Amazing! 

When I was 24, I accidentally became pregnant. And this is where it begins. My pregnancy was awful. Everything a pregnancy shouldn't be. 24/7 bed rest. Weekly doctors appointments with my OB and cardiologist and of course the thought, will I survive labor? Labor was the biggest concern since my heart isn't healthy, it can't handle much stress. But luckily for me, Ry was able to be vacuumed out to eliminate the stress and we both survived.

 Since there was so much stress and wear and tear on my heart, it is now time for a valve replacement. Next month I will be getting a new heart valve and I am terrified. I don't think it would be as scary if I didn't have a one year old, but I want to still be here for Ry and make sure she grows up with a mom. I'm requesting everyone's prayers that not only do I survive this procedure, but that I don't have any complications, and have a fast recovery so I can continue to take care of my daughter the way a mother should. I have a rough road ahead of me as this will not be the last surgery. 

Please pass this prayer request along. I would greatly appreciate. 

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