Monday, July 29, 2013

Toddler Food Ideas

Ry (aka porky), started eating finger foods at 5 months old. Yes you read correctly, 5 months old! She was only on baby puree for not even a month. She hated it and wanted everything we were eating. This girl LOVES to eat. She has yet to find something she doesn't like. I have broken down different ideas for food for each age group.

4-6 months:
basically any fruits and veggies that are cut into small enough pieces. for example: i would cut a blueberry into 1/4.

6-9 months: this is when the fun started
ground beef
mac and cheese
ritz crackers
goldfish (her fav)
this is when i stopped cutting in 1/4 and started cutting in 1/2.

not kidding.

Our biggest issue is convenience because Ry eats earlier then we do. If I need a quick meal for her, I usually give her some kind of veggie, fruit, a cheese stick, and diced ham. Diced ham that already comes in the package has become a lifesaver and she loves it. Bonus is that you don't have to cut it up!
I always cook a ton of veggies on Sunday and then just reheat them through out the week.

As far as drinks, NO JUICE. We only do milk (formula for her since she has an allergy) and water. I recently came across Honest Tea Kids and I will occasionally give that to her for some flavor and nutrients, plus I drink it myself :)

This is usually what I have to clean up after every meal!

And by no means am I that mom that wont give her child anything delicious. 

Example A: ice cream (skinny cow) with my bra around her neck 

Example B: lollipop so i can keep her contained in the grocery store

Everything in moderation...right? :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Getting rid of that post prego weight

So as you know, I have a daughter that just turned 13 months. When I found out that I was pregnant, I weighed 104 lbs. (I've always been on the small side). When I had Rylee at 38 weeks, I weighed 120 lbs. 11 of it came off when I had Ry, so I didn't have much to go. My biggest thing is that I wanted to tone back up. 

ONE week postpartum, I started going on walks around the neighborhood while pushing Ry in her stroller. I would walk for about 30 minutes. At my 4 week follow up, I got the ok to start exercising!! I bought the Tracy Anderson postpartum DVD. AMAZING! She is the "trainer for the stars". It works every inch of your body that looks rough from having a bambino. I also started doing pilates videos and continued walking. I NEVER ran, still don't. I would rather slam my head against a brick wall then run. 

Once Ry started becoming mobile, it wasn't so easy to work out so I had to get creative. I used Ry as my weight :) I would do lunges while holding her and crunches with her on my stomach. And now that she is completely on the go, there's no way for me to work out at home so I work out on my lunch break at work. I recently started getting into the tone it up work outs and really like them.

As far as diet, I DON'T. my motto is, life is too short to deprive your self of deliciousness. I do try to eat healthy though. But I never say no to a cupcake or ice cream or this...

My typical day looks like this:
wheat english muffin with natural PB and some berries
chicken and rice or a turkey sandwich
some kind of meat (mostly chicken) and veggies, or mac and cheese (my fav) or something in the crockpot

I also eat lara and luna bars like crazy. and fruit. 

These days, I'm 98 lbs. Smallest that I've ever been. But still wanna tone up some bit. But I can't complain :)

(this is now, i don't have a before since "someone" threw my phone in the water and I lost all of my pics)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hey there! welcome to my FIRST blog post EVER! I guess I should start with the basics and a little introduction. First off, "Life of Ry's"...this is a little confusing to some people but my last name is RILEY and my daughters first name is RYLEE. (note she has her dads last name so no, her name is not Rylee Riley). Her dad, Richie, and I are not married but we are together. I wanted our daughter to have a piece of me so we decided to name her Rylee. We all 3 live together in South Florida. I am in the medical billing field and currently about to start back up in school and TRY to finish my degree in hospital administration. Fingers crossed. My daughter just turned one in June. She is INSANE, but I love her to death and wouldn't have it any other way. Keep following my blog and you will see what I mean when I say insane! I love to work out, line dance, scrap book, craft, decorate, and ofcourse the beach! Most of my post will be about Ry, fitness, motherhood, and other random goodness. I'm excited to share with you and hope you enjoy reading!

Next up, how I lost all my baby weight, plus more within the past year! Stay tuned :)

          This is Ry doing a hand stand at the doctors office....told ya:)