Thursday, November 14, 2013

5 Ways to Update Your Home Without Spending Too Much Money

For today's 5 on Friday I'm going to go over 5 ways that I like to update my home. We are on a very very very tight budget. So with my love for design and redecorating I have to find ways to do my hobby for cheap. 

1. Use vases with out flowers
Flowers can get really expensive. Especially real flowers. So I like to sometimes use just a pretty vase. I love the simplicity of this vase from Target. It looks better with out the flowers anyways.

2. Play musical art/frames
This is probably my favorite "game" and I hate games. This flamingo picture has been in Rylee's room, the guest bathroom and is now in the dining room. I just put it in a different frame and it's like brand new! 

3. Paint your own artwork.
I usually just paint my own art when I need a filler until I find the perfect piece. For example this knock off West Elm piece only cost $10. The canvas was on sale at hobby lobby and I already had the paint. It's not what I want over my bed but it will do until I fall in love with a piece.

4. Buy from Etsy.
I LOVE finding art from Etsy. Especially for Rylee's room. A lot of shop owners will work with you and give you discounts. I love these prints from Aimee that I have hanging in Rylee's room.

5. Change up your throw pillows.
OK. I have an issue. I'm OBSESSED with throw pillows. They are by far the best way to change up a room. I have a closet full of pillows that I've collected from over the years. If I need a change up, I just change the pillows and it really looks like a whole new room! I regret to show you this closet..


  1. hahaha i have a throw pillow obsession too!!! can't help it. so much more fun to change them out with the seaons, right?! i'm on the lookout for some lovely christmas pillows :)

    1. Homegoods! Just went in there yesterday and they had a bunch