Monday, November 11, 2013

My Low Maintenance Beauty Routine

Here is a run down of my beauty routine. I spend no more then 5 minutes a day and I love it that way.

I NEVER wear make up. The only time I wear make up is if I'm going to an event. I usually just put some Vaseline on my lips every day and that's it. 

My hair is usually in a pony tail because I have a lions mane and I live in SWFL. When my hair is down, I go for the beach waves look and I use Not Your Mothers Spray.

I use pantene shampoo and conditioner and macadamia oil or argon oil after I towel dry my hair. I wash my hair every other or every 2 days so in between I sometime use suave dry shampoo. I don't color my hair either. I use to, but it killed my hair and was way too expensive. Are you sensing a theme of "all natur-al" look? :)

Where I spend my money is in skincare. I use various washes but mainly use Elizabeth Arden or vitamin c (wash & serum). 

I use to wear make up and do my hair ALL OF THE TIME. But then I met Richie, and he likes it when I don't? (score!) and then we had Rylee and so there's just no time. So this is what works for me now and to be honest it makes life so much easier and less expensive. Not to mention my skin and hair has gotten healthier :)

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