Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rylee's Latest Happenings & Freezing Weather (65)

This morning we had our first cold front. Down here we don't have a winter. We have cold fronts and this one is suppose to last 2 days. This morning was a freezing 65 degrees!!! Anything under 75 is freezing to me. So I bundled Ry up in her new jacket from target. 

Next week she will be 17 months! And I will be in the hospital hence why this is a week early. 

New Words/Sayings
all gone or all done
boo (as she tries to scare me)
no deke (our dog)
eww (referring to her poopie diapers)
woof woof

Silly Things She Does
 purposely spills something so she can clean it up over and over again
throws away her own trash and diapers
puts deodorant on
washes her hair (with my shampoo)
feeds me her fake food with fake silverware and makes me say yum to every fake bite
puts my clothes on
takes the keys and tries to unlock the door (great)
pushes every single button 10000 times

She is getting so big so fast. Every day she does something new. Seriously my main concern about surgery is that I'm going to miss something new she does. I'm obsessed with her. Which reminds me, the other day I saw a blog post by a mom that said she doesn't make her children the center of her world and listed all these reasons why. I wish I could find the post. It was all kinds of messed up... Anyways before I go on a tangent I better stop. 

I'm going to cram as many post as I can before Monday (surgery day) including house updates and things you may not know about me :)

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